How to Block Ads In Android Apps, Games And Browsers

28 Dec , 2017 Technology

No wonder Ads are a necessary evil and we’ll look for ways and means to get rid of them. There are many websites and applications which provides free services along with software and free content.  

 Consequently, the service provider has to assist ads to you in return for the income that is keeping them in business, and in growth. As a user, you gain the advantage of using the product without any cost.

There are many ways to block ads like Adblock Plus, Lucky Patcher APK, and Using Adblock Plus to name a few. In this post we’ll discuss two of the methods.

Adblock Plus (ABP)

Adblock Plus is one of the best ways to block ads in your apps and device including the ads shown in various games and app. There are multiple ad-blockers for Android, and the credit goes to the ever-growing android developers.

 Out of all those presently available, the top two would be Adblock Plus (ABP) and AdAway and Lucky Patcher APK is quite famous among online users and as per reviews after these two.

Using Adblock Plus

Adblock is an open source project and it is better to use and it has the option to allow non-intrusive ads. This type of method works for non-rooted and other rooted devices. Setting up an ad-blocker app involves your device to allow uses from “unknown sources”.

On rooted devices

 After connecting, open Adblock Plus. It will demand super user approvals. Allow super user agreements to Adblock Plus and you are on the go.

 On non-rooted devices

 You need a few more phases, to automatically set up proxy in your Android. You will need to track the orders here as commands are different for Android versions up to 3.1 and 4.0+.s

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